Redefining Style


Back with a Bang!!!

Wow!!! Its been 17months since my last post. It has been up and down, then a long period of inactivity, but good news guys, I am back, Bigger!, Better!, Smarter!, and Smoking Hot!. So stay with me guys and watch the passion unfold.


A Chiffon Dress with a Gold Band

 chiffon dress with a gold bandOk, so last week was one of mixed blessings. There was the good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news first : My machine decided to break down on me **again** I would have to try find a better repair guy to fix it for good. Now for the good news: I have been working on a design for a while now,  its a chiffon dress with a gold band. Unfortunately it is not finished, as I  was working on it when my machine decided to break down on me. Hopefull though I can get someone to fix the damn machine for good.  will keep you guys posted.

my space

So I am still doing some works for d place I am using for bellezza couture which I am calling “my space”. The tiles were fixed today, chocolate coloured tiles, it didn’t turn out as great as I thot but its ok still. Next is furnishing and decorations. Will keep u guys posted.

Hello world!

I started work on my work space today and it is turning out fine. My boyfriend( thanks baby) suggested I use a white paint, and I can only say he is brilliant cos it turned out better than I imagined. Next on the agenda is tiles, I am using brown and white tiles. Keeping my finger crossed on that one.